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Advanced Engraving
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked at the Meet!

Q: How long will it take to get my medal back from being engraved?
A: At the meet it takes me about 25 seconds to engrave a medal.

Q: Can I bring you a medal from a different meet?
A: I save settings from each meet and can set-up to engrave any medal quickly. I can engrave about any type of medal at any meet.

Q: What do you engrave on my medal?
A: Normally what is put on there would be:


Place, Event


Time, distance or score

Questions asked about the Website!

Q: Can I send you a bunch of medals to be engraved?
A: Yes, send them to my address plus $6.00 per medal and I will send them back.

      Please include your phone number for any questions I may have.

Q: Do you engrave anything other than medals?
A: Yes we are able to engrave many things. Just get with us.